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Why is it that it’s so hard to talk to most people about Financial Freedom

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Just Sharing an e-mail content from a web-guru of Internet marketing, i've been following her notes and postings for a couple of months now and i would like to share this with my Network Partners and friends . . . 

Her Messages reads :

One of my top 5 favorite movies of all time is ‘The Shawshank Redemption.’

It probably has one of the highest “replay” values of any movie out there. I can’t think of another film I could watch 10 times and not get tired of.

There’s a scene in the movie where Brooks Hatlen, one of the oldest and longest residents of the prison, is coming up on his parole date.

He attempts to kill another prisoner, a good friend of his, by holding a knife to his throat, until the other inmates talk him out of it.


In order to extend his sentence to avoid the outside world he is terrified of and to stay inside the prison that he has now grown fond of and calls home.

Once released, he later commits suicide because he finds himself unable to fit into a society that has passed him by.

It’s one of the saddest and most ironic scenes of the movie and of course, we think to ourselves...

That could never happen to me. I would never allow myself to become so institutionalized that I would willingly turn down my own freedom.”

But Are We So Different Than Those
Who Are Trapped In Prisons Of Concrete And Metal?

Have you ever noticed how some people are perfectly content to complain all day about their situation yet when you show them a better way they dismiss it as too good to be true, a scam or some other invented excuse?

Why is it that it’s so hard to talk to most people about things like owning your own business, personal development, or financial freedom?

Where exactly do these constraints within our own minds come from?

Why are so many people content to be stuck in the rut of running on the 9-5 hamster wheel their whole life?

And what exactly IS the hamster wheel anyway? Who created it and why do so many people have a hard time escaping it when the door to their cage is wide open and all they have to do is step through it?

It’s hard for us to fathom but inmates like Brooks Hatlen are very normal in today’s prison system.

They’re so comfortable with the world they’ve become familiar with, that even once they’re out, they’ll do anything just to get back IN.

This is one of the symptoms of what is known as “Post Incarceration Syndrome” (PICS)

Here is a description of some of the symptoms of PICS from a center for rehabilitating former inmates:

“Institutionalized Personality Traits are caused by living in an
oppressive environment that demands:
passive compliance to
the demands of authority figures,
passive acceptance of severely
restricted acts of daily
living, the repression of personal lifestyle
the elimination of critical thinking and individual
decision making, and internalized acceptance of severe
on the honest self-expression thoughts and

Sounds pretty horrible right?

We talk about escaping the “rat race” or the “corporate prison” but would it come as a shock to you if what you just read was literally, no exaggeration, almost word-for-word, the exact stated goals and purposes,
as laid out by its founders,
of the system that many people spend 12 years of their life in - the public education system?

Ridiculous you say?

Is it really when you think about the state of much of society today?

As a leader in the home based business industry, when
you’re trying to free people, when you’re trying to help them break down old habits and mental constraints and
reshape their thought patterns for success, you may be fighting against more than you ever imagined...

To Your Success,

Ann Sieg

P.S. – I truly hope you never allow your wings to be clipped...

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