Friday, November 4, 2011

Fixed Deposits Acct - for Investments or to Secured a Loan . . .

What is FD at the first place? 

A fixed deposit is a form of savings kept with a banking institution for a stated period. The rate of interest for a fixed deposit account is generally higher than a normal savings account. Most banking institutions offer fixed deposit accounts of various tenures to cater for the needs of consumers. 
You can check out the fixed deposit accounts offered by the banking institutions from their respective websites. 

some people deposits their savings in a Fixed Deposits Accounts to benefit from the higher Interest Rates, but some are are just to Secured a Loan or securing a Contract / Govt Tenders

Secured Term loans Offered by Banking Institutions can be on a 1:1 ratio , 1:2, or 1:3 ratio to FD amount - meaning :

if u have RM 100k FD in XYZ Bank, they might offer u RM 100k, 200k or maximum 300k

However, there are banks that don't really looked at this FD accounts if your company profiles and Audited Acct and Taxation Documents are 110% perfect !

Currently banks in Malaysia has various types of FD accounts to cater different segments of Markets - Interest may varied from 3.0 - 3.6% . .

From the Banking Info website below you may find some Info on the latest Interest Rates and the comparison offered by Banking Institution in Malaysia . . .

this website here .Banking Info 

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